Today I am making it my personal goal to get back in a routine. Not being in a normal work environment 2020-2021 had some things slip through the cracks with getting off track. I feel that a routine fits my work and lifestyle more effectively.

As far as work, my goals are to work on my webpage, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok daily for marketing. I plan to do two events a month and want to roll out my bath and body line Fall 2022. I know that entrepreneurship is rocky the first 2-3 years but ultimately want to be out of the ‘red’ business wise this year. A few things to look forward to.

With school, I still plan to graduate this year with my second degree. I need to focus staying on track and to stop procrastinating. This is another reason I need to get back on a schedule! I may not personally need the degree for anything in particular, except to prove to myself I can achieve it.

Kids have full schedules and prioritizing their events is a must for the calendar. No excuses.

Personal life I hate to say that I need to schedule time for friends and family. However, with a full schedule I need to learn to say no to people pleasing. It is a must I put myself and my life before others unless it is just an absolute emergency.

Small changes like these will help stay on track, goals can be accomplished, and dreams can come true.

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