I have really hit the nail on the head with “being better about getting in the habit of positing” NOT! Its ok though A LOT has happened over the past few months that I can go back and post about. But in the meantime, I needed to get a small track of my daily life to see why I feel I never slow down…. this is me summed up with the ADHD brain in a nutshell. I seriously need to get a grip on an actual schedule. When my days typically start at 8:00am and end at 4:00am I had to see where 20 hours of my day was going. This is why I need structure. This is why I have burnout so often. This is why I need to take better care of me.

11:45am Let dog out to walk – trip over groceries at front door that I forgot were delivered at 11:00.

11:55am It’s too damn hot to walk come back in – stepping over groceries so I can get them after getting dog in.

12:00pm Feed and water dog and cats

12:05pm Remember I need to mail off Father’s Day freshies.

12:06pm Realized I needed to find a marker to write addresses

12:07pm Oh crap, I need to put on my eyelash serum because I’m losing eyelashes.

12:08pm Shoot I need to wash my face before serum and gets wash cloth.

12:09pm Oh crap I still need to bring food in- gets groceries and unloads – might as well grab an energy drink out of fridge it’s going to be a day.

12:14pm Walking back to wash face – halfway down hall remembers I need a marker off desk.

12:15pm Finally back to my room and set the drink and marker on nightstand.

12:16pm Wash face – need to let it dry before putting toner so I can quickly put addresses on packages.

12:17pm Can’t find marker to write – checks phone and gets distracted by snap chat messages.

12:19pm Crap; need to do toner so it can dry before vitamin c application.

12:20pm Back to write addresses – got return address posted.

12:21pm Get a text for a delivery meet today. Fuckkk ok ok I got this.

12:22pm Damn it I need to write this all down before I forget it for the Day in the Life of ADHD blog I need to write.

12:25pm Ugh, my drink it still sitting here with condensation now. – “am I really this off the wall squirrel”?

12:26pm Confirm time for delivery and remember I need to put on my AOX cream – wait did I put on my vitamin c yet? Oh, I can scroll up and look in my notes… yeah nope 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m behind – let’s go do that…

12:28pm Ok let’s let that dry and finish writing these addresses on packages to mail.

12:30pm Ok get it together Steph you still need AOX cream – jumps up.

12:31pm Shit where did I put those freshies to mail while I was doing the packages. 🤦🏻‍♀️

12:32pm Guess I’ll have to make new ones, damn it if I make new ones I can’t mail today on time which means they won’t get it in time. Come on brain help me think.

12:35pm Girl you forgot your eye cream and still need to put on your lash serum – runs back to bathroom.

12:38pm Knocked over bathroom trash. Guess I should go ahead and gather trash to take out today.

12:40pm Ugh where are those stupid freshies? Guess I’ll remake them.

12:44pm Trash is put by front door. What was I supposed to be doing now? Let me check my phone and see if I wrote it down. Shit where is my phone?!

12:45pm Alexa call my phone :DING: “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet” 🤬 Are you fucking kidding me?!

12:50pm Finds phone on bed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

12:51pm Damn it I didn’t write it down – come on brain think… bathroom…trash… oh yeahhh Freshies.

12:52pm Well I’m almost out of Bowties and Bourbon scent now I guess they get a good summer/year-round scent.

12:53pm Proceeds to find additional freshies to make with the bundle.

12:57-1:07pm Gathers all materials and get it in oven.

1:08pm Where did I put my energy drink now? Retraces steps – bam it’s on the table – picks it up… did I really already drink it all? 🙄

1:09pm Good grief did I set a timer for the oven? Alexa what’s left on my timer :DING: “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet” ughhhh what’s wrong with you Alexa – hey Siri set a 15 minute timer.

1:13pm Unplugs living room Alexa to try to restart it.

1:14pm Cat knocks over laundry basket so walk to room to pick it up. Decided to go ahead and start a load.

1:17pm Gets to laundry room to start washer and realize towels are still in dryer from 2 days ago 🤦🏻‍♀️ let’s fold those. Oh, I can plug Alexa back in while I do it and try to do two things at once.

1:19pm Fumbling with Alexa App confused because technology sucks – “connecting to wifi please be patient”.

1:21pm Sit on couch to fold towels.

1:24pm Siri announces 15 min timer. Runs to kitchen to pull stuff out.

1:27pm Alexa tells me hi… uhhh ok hi

1:28pm Goes to put towels up

1:28pm Realizes I didn’t start washer.

1:29pm Rushes to put labels on packages for new freshies while they cool.

1:33pm I burn myself moving silicone to board to let it cool – runs cold water over fingers.

1:35pm Decides to do dishes that are in sink; runs water.

1:37pm Damn it I need to pee now.

1:40pm still updating times from sitting on toilet. Guess I need to wash my hands and go check on the freshies

1:43pm Takes freshies out of molds and realizes phone about to die so puts it on charger.

1:45pm Puts eye screws in.

1:46pm Remembers trash at front door – dang it I needed to put cat litter in there before I closed it. Let me clean out fridge and do liter one a small bag so I can get it all out.

1:50pm Fitbit alerts that professor messages – I’ll check that when I’m done – first things first.

1:50-2:15pm Loaded up packages to mail. Grabbed package to meet – realized I had 2 cups on nightstand I didn’t wash- puts them in sink and runs trash down to put on hood of car bc it’s to hot to walk it. Run back up to get packages. It’s so damn hot I’m already sweating. Sit in car to turn it on and forgot business card so run up to get it. Get back to car … did I turn oven off? Run back up, yup it’s off. Dying of heat….

2:16pm Lady text she can meet at post office right now oh lord I am now in rush mode bc it’s 45 min early.

2:20pm Still sitting in car updating so I don’t forget.

2:20-2:40pm Get to post office and meet Cheyenne… damn she’s a cutie 😝 maybe I should have put some eye make up on 😅see her work truck and instantly was not interested 😬🤦🏻‍♀️ my old rental company that tried to pull a bullshit lawsuit and I won because they were wrong. Sit in car to leave, realize I’m a dumbass and need to still mail the packages.

2:45pm Updated schedule and realized I haven’t eaten. Shoot, I need to send tracking to the guys.

2:47pm Check all social media and try to respond to everyone still in car at post office 🤦🏻‍♀️ remember I forgot to check what professor sent.

2:52pm See Starbucks and decide I need some pep in my life.

3:00-3:20pm Get home and sit in car responding to emails and messages – finished Starbucks – well damn guess I need to get out and go inside.

3:21pm Remove clothes it’s too damn hot.

3:23pm Locate laptop to see what professor had to say.

3:25pm No message found 🤦🏻‍♀️ guess it was an old notification. Maybe I should do a discussion board while I have the laptop out. Or maybe I should start another order that needs to be picked up tomorrow…

3:29pm Decide to start an order and while it bakes do a discussion – look at me all smart.

3:35pm Tomorrow’s freshie order is baking – need to make more packages with labels – crap.

3:40pm Decided to make some additional red/white/blue freshies for this weekend – start putting them together while others are baking.

3:50pm Timer going off to take those out and put these new ones in. Let them cool. I really need to look at that discussion board. First let me put this mica powder and extra beads up before I spill it.

3:55pm Shoot I used all the Black Ice beads I need to start curing some more.

4:00pm Measured all beads and oils and started curing 3 scents for now.

4:10pm For fucks sake; look at counter and I forgot to put the second batch in to cook.

4:12pm Beads cooking. Wiping down counter and stove.

4:16pm Check timer and remember I have discussion board. Ok cool I have 13 min to see what’s up.

4:22pm Alexa what’s on my timer? “8 minutes”, shit I forgot the samples are in there and they need to come out.

4:25pm ok back to studies. I don’t have time for discussion let’s start a quick case study. 😅

4:30pm Timer dings. 🤦🏻‍♀️

4:31pm Get finished freshies out and put Jeep freshie back in another 5 minutes.

4:32pm Decide to string previous set sine they are cool.

4:34pm You got 1 min go take a photo of bundle to post on page for preorders.

4:36pm Timer goes off and I yelled Alexa shut the fuck up. Thinking I may need a nap. Run back to kitchen.

4:38pm Pull it out of oven and get spot ready to start letting them cool while I decide whether or not to put bows on these others.

4:40pm Check snap messages as I post a pic of bundle there.

4:43pm Some dude sent a dick pic again. I’m sick of this disrespectful shit from people I don’t know.

4:45pm Really wish Amazon would hurry up with my glitter

4:46pm Turn oven off before you forget

4:50pm Take a moment to breathe – maybe I need to soak. Crap I forgot my case study is still on a timer and running. Headed back to finish that

4:53 Knock at door – notification it’s Amazon 🤦🏻‍♀️ go to retrieve package. Remember I’m not wearing clothes. Peek out peephole and hurry to open the door and grab package while no one can see.

4:55pm Open package. Yay glitter. Oh hell, I ordered more sample size molds 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 I can’t keep up with my life. Ok, put molds with mini Cardstock and go back to studies.

4:56pm Gets distracted by tiny circle molds so has to pull it out to see what Cardstock will look like inside. Set it down to head to room.

4:56pm Dumb ass go put that back in the back before the cat knocks it over and you have Cardstock circles everywhere.

4:58pm Ok… case study – focus.

5:02pm Can’t focus this dude keeps sending me pics after I said stop. Guess I’ll blast him with the SS I took earlier of it to have someone else handle it…

5:03pm Ok back to studies.

5:13pm Woohoo made a 100 on the case study!

5:13pm Done tracking myself for today I’m exhausting.

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